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Let the sun pay your energy bills
The energy bills required to pay for the purpose of heating water for various domestic and recreational purposes will be partly, if not wholly paid by sun when you make decision to install solar water heater panels. They are energy efficient and they result in substantial savings due to the reduction in energy bills.

The hot water facility is the major energy system.

Active and Passive system are the two basic systems of solar water heating. Passive
consumer within most households. Thus its operation is attributed to the greater energy cost. The use of solar energy for providing some portion of the hot water in demand can help saving in quite few hundreds of dollars.
The integration of solar hot water boiler with the conservative and traditional water boilers powered either with gas or electric current can help in significant savings. Even though the solar boiler are capable of functioning on its own, for much larger demand of hot water, the solar arrangement may not be enough. For this, it can be used in conjunction with other system of water boiling. Solar boilers can efficiently be used to preheat water for other conservative water boilers, thus helping to deduce the energy bills dramatically.

Solar boilers are more practical in places where the temperature doesn't fall under freezing point especially in winter. With this exception, they are suitable for use in any other climatic condition. In places of colder climatic condition, an indirect method of heating water can be adopted, which necessarily involves prevention of water to be exposed in the freezing temperatures. This method uses certain fluid which is capable of resisting the freezing. The solar panel arrangement is such made that the fluid circulates through the pipes placed underneath the panel which when gets heated, heats the water in the tank. In southern climates, the water can itself flow thorough the pipes and gets directly heated, with the help of solar panels installation, which is referred as direct system depends upon the phenomenon if gravity and the physics with which water flow from higher temperature to cold temperature. Passive system is a very simple system which demands lesser maintenance requirement. With all the parts available in a hardware shop nearby, these simple systems could be built by own.

In Active systems, for circulating the water pumps are required. Either solar power or the home powering electric systems can be used for operation for pumps. But there is necessity of storage tank to hold the hot water heated with solar panels.On hot and sunny days, there is no necessity of electrical or fuel backup for water heating, as the abundance of intense sunlight will by itself be able to heat the water at greater efficiency. But during the colder days when the intensity of sunlight is weaker there may be necessity of electrical and fuel back up. In this case, the solar energy shall be used for preheating water before it is passed into the conventional water boilers. As the preheated water consumes lesser energy to rise to proper temperature, it results in substantial saving of energy consumption.

The alternative energy system provides a huge playground for curious minded people to play with technology. When you contemplate into it, you will witness multiple possibilities, when you don't think of it you will just become a consumer of technology.


Request for European Solar Developers

I invite investors, economists, politicians, political scientists, clergy, philosophers, historians, archaeologists, ethnographers, researchers of language, arts, cultures and religions, sociologists, theater scientists, artists, craftsmen, journalists and other people of good will to contribute to the project.
The construction of solar-energy power plant is planned for the investors; other technological innovations will be introduced too; but it will happen without mixing the style and idea of the ancient village with the technological innovations. Everything will be used to let the object keep self-sustained without assistance.
It is planned to reconstruct these periods in Troškuciai:
I-IVc. AD. -the  Roman period
IX-XII c.AD.- the Curonian-Vikings period
XVI-XVIII c. AD.the period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
XIX-XX c.(up to 1953)
Each period will not be reconstructed in one building or area, they will be strictly separated from each other in accordance with the recommendations by historians and other experts. But it will be easily to get from one place to another.

Any reconstruction will be made on the basis of information compiled of historical and archaeological knowledge in the surrounding areas: Daubariai,
Jautakiai, Kalnenai, Zastauciai, Viekšniai, Tirkšliai, Mažeikiai, and other areas in range of 40 km, as well as the historical material of Troškuciai.
I remind everyone that Troškuciai was first mentioned 1721-08-07, in the inventory of Tirkšliai town and parish (St. Petersburg was founded 1703-05-27).
Living archaeological object creates a lot of jobs and is efficient execution of public works, together with training of new crafts, professions, and the possibility to get acquainted with one’s history and culture.
This process is in progress in other countries, thus, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. By the way, I have a request in advance to all who wish to participate in the project- you will have to give up your harmful habits or reduce them to a minimum.
I invite all those willing and able to teach, to share their experience with others about Lithuania, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and older times, approaching the culture, history, folklore, crafts, arts, customs, traditions in the future cultural, culinary heritage, arts and crafts center. You will be able to teach under natural, our ancestors-specific conditions. If you think that you are able to teach others, you have your own training program, and enthusiasms, then I look forward to your suggestions and opinions. We will agree with you on your living and other conditions.
A library will function next to the center. I would like to ask large libraries- if you have written off books (the books can be started to rip, we will bend them), tell us and we will take them or send the books to the address: Lithuania Mažeikiu r. Troškuciu village.LT-89260, Darius Sabaliauskas.
I am also looking forward to suggestions from publishing houses to acquire various literature , of course, priority is given to books or other publications about Lithuanian culture, history, folklore, traditions, customs; other types of literature are welcome too, not only in the Lithuanian language; children books as well. Maybe there would be people of good will who could give us unnecessary publications, books and other printings.
I am grateful to all those who have already brought the books for the future library.

I invite all the people who work with wood, metal, leather, clay, other natural materials; and those who spin, knit, sew, prepare food; those doing everything that is related to our ancestors’ experience, and those interested in Lithuanian folklore and folk medicine. We will inform about you and your works on the website with your contacts in order to allow people to find you. I look forward to your work photos and short descriptions of your creative activity. In particular, I invite those who work modest and hidden- let others know what nice works you perform. There are only two conditions – all works have to be related to  the experience of our nation and our ancestors; no copies of the alien cultures are allowed and  it should be handicraft, without the use of the equipment of the second half of the 20th century.
 At once I would like to invite everyone to express opinion, to write a short article or give a link to the online storage location. Each reconstruction of any period must be as accurate as possible. Any reconstruction should reflect clothing, footwear, food, place of residence, used tools, utensils, furniture of the selected period, and what books had been read, if there had been any. What crafts dominated, what artistic trends existed then, in the period you are going to reconstruct or describe.
A visitor to each reconstructed period must be acquainted with dominating religions of the period, without distinction, which was better or worse: what were the relations among religions, what were the political situation, culture, and the worldview of every caste of the period chosen. Myths, fairy stories, legends, as well as customs, traditions, have to be introduced, since each
country, each village, each town have their own stories and their own traditions.
Everything has to be reflected what had been in the territory of Lithuania, in the neighborhood and in the world, our relation with the environment, without diminishing any of periods, but introducing all sides- good and bad as well.
When writing, I request you as much as possible to follow the scientific point of view, refer to several sources; when sending the sources of material, please indicate if the elders will be questioned, and give their names and location.
I suggest to try to rebuild these periods in your homesteads, villages, towns, and relate everything to the history of your surroundings, to the archeological findings and the date of mentioning in written sources:
up to I century AD
 I century AD up to V century AD
 V century AD up to the end of the X century AD
 XI century AD up to the end of the XIII century AD
 XIV century AD up to the end of the XVI century AD
 XVII century AD up to  1795
 1795 up to  1883
 1883 up to 1918
 1918 up to 1940
 1940 up to1945
 1945 up to 1956
 1956 up to 1982
 1982 up to 1990
Sincerely, Darius Sabaliauskas

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